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Here lies a list of some of our favorite online and offline investment resources. From websites to books, from interesting trend reports to watch out for to books every investor should read. Enjoy!

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A membership-based community focused on educating women about investing and personal finances to help close the financial inequality gender gap. The website provides educational webinars, video-courses, live coaching sessions and many other educational resources on investing to its members.

Mintel is one of the world's leading market intelligence agencies. They track consumer spending in over 34 countries and generate reports based on industries per country or trending topics. While a lot of their reports need to be purchased, a lot of their reports in their insights tabs are free and can give you interesting ideas on where to invest.

The balance is an online platform that aims to answer all of your money questions. From how to create a personal budget that works for you to finding the credit card that fits your lifestyle best. The website serves its users by giving them advice by world-class experts on finances, banking, taxes, loans and other financial decisions.

The Intelligent Investor

This book was published in 1949, but is still considered the most important book on investment out there. While it is a bit dry, outlining mathematical approaches for company valuations and basic investment concepts, it will give you all the tools you'll need to make sure you are investing wisely rather than on speculation.

Exploding topics is an online platform much like Google Trends. However, while in Google trends you have to search for a single keyword to find trends, Exploding Topics gives you various topics to choose from if you select a category. And while this might not be directly correlated to investment advice, it's fun. And we like fun. 

Coursera offers thousands of free online courses at some of the best universities in the world. While you might think they only cover things like biology or math, they also have a wide selection of investing courses for every level of expertise (or lack thereof). If you think you benefit from structure, you might want to try it out!

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