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Today's Newsletter is Out

September is gone but October is here! And while we know this is supposed to be spooky season, we hope the markets have done enough spooking for the year. Still, spooky or not, we are here to feed you some news. 

You might not know it yet, but let us assure you that today's newsletter is the best one yet. 

Today's Newsletter: Text

Our Newsletter for October 14

Today, take a look at more Covid Pharma trials on pause, the EU trying to salvage flights demand in the region but doesn't address the main issue and countries all over the world preparing for supply chain disruptions in commodities causing prices to hike up.

Now, so as not to lose the habit, let's ask ourselves some questions. Are all Covid vaccine and medicine trials doomed to fail? Will it actually be safe to be inoculated with the Covid vaccine when it first comes out? Are we all just guinea pigs? Will the EU salvage the continued travel slump as cases rise in the region? Which one is more important, the economy or the lives? Will we choose life the second time around? And will hoarding for commodities bring lower prices in future quarters? Or will countries just continue hoarding until Covid is done for?

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