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The October Files

October was a the start of something new for us. 

The beginning of our online journey and the discovery of our newly developed purpose.

Still in the works.

October 2020: About

Oct. 1, 2020

SPAC ETFs were born under a boom, a legal battle begun in Europe to avenge a withdrawal deal broken by Boris Johnson and the economy really started looking like it took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

Oct. 2, 2020

Donald and Melania Trump were diagnosed with Covid-19, the Irish Supreme court ruled that Subway serves salty cupcakes not bread, and the Chinese economy gave positive economic recovery signs in manufacturing and non-manufacturing.

Oct. 6, 2020

The EU refused to budge in Brexit negotiations, calling Johnson's bluff, the US economy showed increasingly concerning signs with trade deficits soaring at record highs and a survey that predicted a WFH future, even post-Covid.

Oct. 7, 2020

Trump halted all stimulus package talks until after the election, a French study found that Covid survivors that had mild symptoms suffered for months after contracting the illness, and Animal Crossing proved a good introduction to the world of stocks.

Oct. 8, 2020

Hope for partial stimulus aid especially for the airline industry increased as Pelosi and Mnuchin talked and Trump approved, bankers braced for impact in Europe, and in light of the lack of presidential debates, the VP debate took a protagonist role.

October 2020: Files
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